On the upper part we find a depiction of God in the clouds, surrounded by six full-figure angles, two of which receive the tablets of the Law in order to hand them to Moses who is kneeling on the summit. The Sinai landscape, including all three summits, is depicted on the lower part. The full-body figure of the Virgin and Christ Child portrayed as the Burning Bush is placed before the foot of the central mountain. On the left we see Moses in two different postures and the sun, whose rays extend to the Holy Bush. On the right, we see the full-body figure of Saint Catherine with the customary symbols of her martyrdom and learning.

Western influences are evident in this icon in the top depiction of “God the Father”, while the Sinai subjects in the lower part have been rendered in a clearly Western style.

Intaglio print Venice
Antonios Vortolis press Engraver: Unknown Patrons: Mr. Ioannis Lambaniziotis of Ioannina city and priest-monk Gerasimos, Sinaite Protosynkellos of Phillipoupolis