A silver sheet with religious scenes is symmetrically attached onto the rust colored leather cover. On the front, we see the Crucifixion in the center and the zoomorphic signs of the Evangelists on the four corners. The back-side is completely covered in silver sheet with pierced floral decorative patterns surrounding the figures of the Mother of God, Moses, and Saint Catherine, as well as the donors, the Prince of Wallachia Mihnea II and his wife Aikaterina. The style of this item is similar to cover number 33.2, and it is one of the early specimens of a large group of lectionary covers that make use of silver sheet attached to velvet substrate, a technique that allows for many variations, and guarantees the durability of the item.


Leather, embossed, chased, and engraved silver gilt
Height 34 cm
St. Catherine's Monastery Saint Catherine, South Sinai Governorate