This cross was a precious personal possession of Abbot Ioasaf that conceals a clock with a copper plate and silver-gilt floral patterns, within its base, adorned with cast metal lions. The finely carved and pierced wooden cross is decorated with the usual basic scenes, the Baptism of Christ and the Crucifixion, surrounded by Evangelists and Saints. Its silver-gilt mountings are decorated with translucent and opaque enamels, precious stones, and pearls. The high Baroque style of the ornamentation and the expertly applied enamels indicate that the metal mountings, the case, and the clock were produced by Transylvanian workshops.


Carved wooden core, carved, engraved, pierced and cast silver gilt, silver-plated copper, enamels, precious stones, pearls
Watchmaker: Michael Rener, Kronstadf (Braşov), Transylvania Goldsmith (case): T.M.
Before 1660
Height 23.5 cm
St. Catherine's Monastery Saint Catherine, South Sinai Governorate